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During the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022, congress delegates will have plenty of opportunities to explore Denmark as a living water laboratory. The country’s small size means that technical tours to full scale implementation of these and many other technologies are reachable in just a few hours from the congress venue.

Denmark has an abundance of interesting facilities to visit. Here are a few examples to serve as inspiration:

  • Copenhagen Harbour Bath
  • Copenhagen’s first climate resilient neighbourhood
  • Treatment of hospital wastewater at the source
  • State-of-the art waterworks in Greater Copenhagen
  • Water efficiency through industrial symbiosis
  • Wastewater treatment plant as energy factory
  • The Climate City of Middelfart

Want to visit Denmark?

Take advantage of the lessons learned by leading Danish utilties, companies, organisations and universities through a State of Green Water Tour. Through an extensive network of contacts, the non-profit public-private partnership State of Green can create a customised visit programme tailored to the specific needs of your delegation. Find inspiration for possible site visits in Denmark and read more about State of Green’s services at


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