Kokkedal Klimaprojekt Trappe

The relay writing event is part of a series of events organized by the Watercities campaign.

The campaign is a collaboration between DANVA (The Danish Water and Wastewater Association), Realdania (a Danish philanthropic association working to create quality of life for all through the built environment), IWA Denmark, UIA2023 (World Congress of Architects) & Smith Innovation seeking to explore and qualify collaboration between the water sector and the urban development sector. The campaign has been initiated as a prelude to the IWA2021 congress taking place in Copenhagen 9-14 May with the underlying theme ‘Water for smart liveable cities.

During 2020 a series of ‘waterfights’ have been organized - interdisciplinary online workshops focusing on different themes relating to the intersectional challenges of planning the blue and green cities of tomorrow. The waterfights have resulted in the development of a series of action points taking the IWA Principles for Water Wise Cities as their starting point. The purpose of the relay writing event is to further explore these action points as well as the overall ambition of bridging the two sectors by bringing the dialogue into an international context and getting the perspective of a series of professionals from both the water sector and the urban development sector.

Contributions to the writing event will be posted on social media and this website as blog posts.

Let us know if you wish to contribute to the event with a blogpost. Write to Marcus Frostholm from Smith Innovation for more information: mf@smithinnovation.dk

Waterwise planning

In the blogposts we will discuss the proposed action points for Water Wise Planning:

#1. Transend the current planning horizon
#2. Make room for crosscutting decisions
#3. Use water as your firm reference point
#4. Create communities around water

More information

Contact Miriam Feilberg, mfe@danva.dk