At the conference you can see these posters:

AI and smart solutions

A IoT optical-based device to support real-time groundwater quality monitoring Lineker Max Goulart Coelho Technical University of Denmark/Dept. Engineering Technology/Denmark
Digital waves in COWI: A case study on a hydraulic model QA tool Cecilie Thrysøe COWI, Department of Water and Climate Adaptation

Biological drinking water treatment

A Hybrid Model for the Prediction of Filter Performance in a Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Norway Joseph Kwarko-Kyei Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Characterization of cyanobacteria and their impact on slow sand filter clogging Iria Feijóo Rey Lund University
Evaluation of Mecana Drum Filter Performance for removal of Powdered Activated Carbon in Drinking Water Treatment Stina Zagerholm Sweco Sverige AB
Impact of Fe on the biofiltration of Mn in groundwater Jérôme Ducret Polytechnique Montreal, Canada
Impacts of ozonation by-pass on drinking water quality Panu Laurell Helsinki Region Environmental Services
Microbiome in marble- and biofilters in ozone water treatment Unni Synnøve Lea IVAR IKS/ Norway
Selecting the best drinking water treatment for mineral-rich groundwater containing micropollutants Sonsoles Quinzanos HOFOR
Structure and composition of arsenic-bearing groundwater treatment sludge: Implications for arsenic recovery Case Van Genuchten Geological Survey of Denmark, and Greenland (GEUS)
Novel methods for determining the fate of labile dissolved organic carbon in water treatment Aina McEvoy Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Using Anion-exchanger to reduce precipitation of lime stone in lime water production Birgit Johnsen Oslo Kommune, Vann og avløpsetaten

Distribution network maintenance and Microbiology in distribution

Assessment of water utilities approach to water hammer Kristofer Kiste Project Engineer at Envidan AB, pHD at Lund University
Leakage Detection With Modified Decomposition Models Sverrir Heiðar Davíðsson Reykjvík Energy, Reykjavík, Iceland
Biofilm development on microplastics under different hydrodynamic conditions in freshwater systems Themba Baloyi Smart Water Group, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Modelling tool for Legionella growth risk assessment in premise plumbing systems Kevin Vargas Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU

PFAS Removal

Does our sampling equipment and clothes contain PFAS? Danish guidelines for PFAS sampling. Jette Kjøge Olsen Rambøll A/S, Denmark
Hollow fibre nanofiltration – drinking water without the chemicals Andrew Holmes Ramboll Water Sweden
Sulfate-Form Anion Exchange Resins: A Novel Approach for Simultaneous Removal of NOM and PFAS from Drinking Water Hadia Terro Polytechnique Montreal


ASSIST - Asset management, smart solutions, strategic investments Jette Fleng Christensen COWI A/S


A case study for using data for borehole pumps operation evaluation and approach for energy optimization Krzysztof Kowalski Capital Region of Denmark
Experience with Carbon Footprint Reporting based on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol at Novafos Molly Bay Christensen Novafos, Denmark