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Abstract themes 2024

We have now closed the submission of abstracts. In total, we have received 130 abstracts, and now it's the program committee's turn to read through them all and put together a program.

Please follow along here on this page for updates.

The overall focal point of the conference is the continued sustainable and resilient water sector in the Nordic countries. The programme will give a variety of possibilities for knowledge sharing, networking and interaction. The conference consists of different elements and formats, and is organized with one focus only – to create a relevant and interesting conference. For the programme committee to achieve this goal, we are depending on the submission of relevant and interesting abstracts from you.

The following presented themes are therefore to be considered as inspirational. Relevance and quality are above all. We have a knowledgeable programme committee to finalize the program, and we are looking forward to wide range of relevant abstracts to choose from. In short – if in doubt submit!

Reliable, Safe and Secure Water Supply

Communication and recruitment in the water sector 

Water storytelling – the story about water, how why and where do we communicate to our consumers and other stakeholders, what platforms are useful, experience with effect of campaigns etc. Last but not least, how do we attract the right competences to the water sector in the future.


Digitalization and artificial intelligence in the water sector, modeling, SCADA, responsible for operations – how do we document the product quality, Smart operations, Intelligent data use, digital twins etc.

Water quantity 

Adapt to the climate change, water resilience, leakage management, leakage prevention, water reuse, reclamation, sustainable water use,  

Water resource protection

Best available practice, experience with groundwater/catchment protection, effects, costs and means of action, climate change adaption/reduced raw water quality, emerging pollutants.

Water Quality Treatment and Supply System

Experiences with various water treatment processes, documentation, monitoring and testing systems including energy efficient solutions and smart and cost-effective treatment solutions and facilities for small water works. operational control, sustainable management of waste streams and sludge from water treatment, resource efficiency, energy efficiency/CO2 emission from water treatment processes, corrosion control, biofilm growth/biostability, 

Health and safety

Materials in contact with drinking water, emerging substances, risk based approaches, pollutants, and source control, PFAS, EDCs (BPA), Microplastics, PhACs, Pesticides, nutrients

Planning and management

Contingency planning, risk based management and resilience, security of supply, water management planning

Global – international theme

Nordic experiences in a global context – what can we bring the rest of the world, and what can we learn and be inspired from.

Submission of abstracts – practical information 

Abstracts shall consist of maximum 450 words - ½ A4 page, an optional figure and be written in English. 

The deadline for submission of abstracts was 21 March 2024 (at 12:00). The Programme Committee selects the abstracts, and the authors are informed in April 2024. Authors of the selected abstracts must submit a presentation by the beginning of September 2024 

The conference language is English.